About EduTracks

At EduTracks we specialize in developing innovative exhibits and media programs that inform visitors about green building and sustainability education. Founded in 1998 by Andrés Edwards, the EduTracks team includes writers, researchers, designers, graphic artists and fabricators dedicated to delivering a compelling experience to visitors.

*In our green building education projects, we work with building owners, architects, engineers, government officials and marketing professionals to develop engaging and informative exhibits about LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) and green building materials.

Clients who are interested in obtaining a credit for a LEED education program turn to our expertise, which includes LEED AP certified members, to create imaginative LEED displays and media programs. We also develop green building materials displays for municipalities and organizations that are interested in public outreach for their green building programs.

*Our sustainability education projects focus on developing exhibits and communications programs on sustainability topics that integrate environmental, economic and social factors. Our network includes experts in areas such as green business, renewable energy, sustainable agriculture and ecoliteracy that provide the depth and experience to clearly explain these topics.

In our work we are continuously researching and using sustainable building materials and production methods. This practice underscores a commitment towards a sustainable future expressed in the content of our work. For more about our mission, please visit the Mission section of this web site.

Latest News

For information on Andrés Edwards' new book, Renewal: How Nature Awakens Our Creativity, Compassion, and Joy including: book reviews, table of contents, foreword, annotated bibliography and up-coming events go to www.andresedwards.com