LEED Education Programs:

The EduTracks LEED education program includes:
• LEED portable display
• LEED wall-mounted display
• LEED computer interactive program
• LEED Case study brochure

LEED Portable Display:

The LEED portable display has two turnable pages and six sides with information about the LEED standard and how LEED is incorporated in a project. With wheels at its base, clients are able to transport the portable display to educational outreach programs and at conferences. The display has a brochure holder as well as extra storage in its shelf unit.


LEED Wall-mounted Display:


The LEED wall-mounted display has 2 turnable pages, six sides for LEED information about the project. The wall-mounted unit provides a permanent installation.


LEED Computer Interactive:

touch screen

The LEED computer interactive works as a touch-screen program with text and images describing how LEED is implemented in a project. For a sample program click here.


LEED Case Study Brochure:

The LEED Case Study brochure describes the implementation of LEED in a project and serves as part of the case study requirement for the LEED education prgram. For a sample LEED case study brochure click here.


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