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The indoor finish materials of the Applied Biosystems building, including paints, carpet, and linoleum, have low or no volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

The Oakland Airport Terminal 2 Renovation and Expansion Project will be among the first LEED Certified airport terminals in the United States.

Green building practices encourage waste reduction and recycling.

The Pleasanton Fire Station 4 site incorporates a series of low mounds and troughs called bioswales which keep rainwater on the site, eliminate runoff and increase groundwater infiltration.

Applied Biosystems purchased a renewable energy certificate for two years that guarantees that at least 50% of the electricity used by the building comes from renewable sources such as wind power.

In addition to the energy benefits from its passive solar design, 20% of the energy needs for the Pleasanton Fire Station 4 building are met by a 12.8 kW photovoltaic solar power system.

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