Oriole Park Library - Chicago, Illinois

At Oriole Park library, the LEED and Green Building Concepts displays help visitors understand the LEED Rating system and how it is implemented in this building.

The development footprint was reduced to exceed the local zoning's open space requirement for the site by twenty-five percent. The building's footprint is also reduced to provide more green spaces that capture rainwater and limit the amount of water entering the city's stormwater system. Implementing water efficiency strategies inside the building proved to be one of the most challenging aspects of this facility due to building code and maintenance barriers. Irrigation was reduced by fifty percent using efficient irrigation equipment.

The Green Building Concepts display describes topics including: passive solar design, energy and water conservation, window glazing, indoor air pollution and green building materials. The question and answer approach allows visitors to discover various aspects of green building.

Additional Photos of the Oriole Park LEED Project

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